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This type of measuring device is a novelty of ALMA that owns a MFA certificate and offers enormous opportunities for various applications. It means that you can choose the Turbotronique Microcompt + model; and thus you have selected a complete measuring device that works with the Microcompt + computer that offers the same features as […]

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Gravitronique is a highly sought-after device due to its option for two types of unloading, gravity and pump. It has the same features as those measuring devices that are dedicated to only one type of unloading. It has the ability to use a remote control and to connect to the on-board computer of the vehicle […]

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CMA Tronique

The CMA Tronique measuring device serves to unload oil derivatives using a pump. As options exist: 1. Return to the amount of the hose after unloading, in case another type of derivative is to be unloaded; 2. Fully automated unloading process; 3. Possibility of connecting with the On-board computer of the vehicle; 4. The flow […]

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GPL Tronique

Measuring device which serves to measure the unloaded quantity of LPG gas. It possesses a MFA certificate and its precision is of class 1 with a 1 liter measurement resolution. Fully automated unloading process with the ability to connect to the On-board computer of the vehicle, the flow is within 100-500 l / min.  

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