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Mobile measuring equipment

Flexicompt Autonomous +

The latest achievement in the field of legal metrology is precisely the novelty of ALMA under the name Flexicompt Autonomous +. It is a measure that is mobile and has a seamless nature:   1. The gas station owns and measures the quantity at each fuel acceptance; 2. As a primary measure of the tank […]

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LPG Etalcompt

It is a mobile measuring device for LPG which serves as a standard for the verification of LPG meters. It constitutes a small number of components (<14kg), it is too simple, and the most useful application is verification of meters in a closed flow system, that is, the volume of TNG circles back into the […]

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Etalcompt API

Mobile measuring device for oil and oil derivatives for calibration and verification of measuring devices. It changes the whole system of the standard, pump, etc. and is very practical in contrast to the classical principle of verification.

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