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Sale, enrollment and calibration of each product produced by ALMA

Trainings for operator and owner of
measuring systems

Enrollment for using and reducing the depreciation of the device

Enrollment of measuring systems in the Register of the Metrology Bureau (Ministry of Economy)

Administrative support and preparation of all necessary documents for first, periodical and extraordinary verification, obtaining a date for for verification of the same at the Bureau of Metrology

Annual contract for prevention of damage, reduction of depreciation of measuring devices

Installation and maintenance of sensor systems for detection of the condition of valves, lids, fuel tank caps etc...

Installation and maintenance of overfill  prevention systems (overfill prevention, mass etc.)

Maintenance of the entire pneumatic automation for unloading/loading

Installation and maintenance of the technical requirements from the check-lists that are obligatory for regular work with the depots and refineries in Greece

Installation and maintenance of GPS in cooperation with our partners.

Maintenance of the entire pneumatic automation for unloading/loading

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