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Tank Ranger 4S

The most important features:

- measuring the quantity of the product

- automatic detection of delivery

- Probe of the probe error

- remote event reporting

- control over external devices

- Tank measurement system 4S.

- Continuous measurement of the amount of fuel in the reservoirs.

Ranger 4S can be connected with 1 to 8 magnetostrictive test leads or analog probes (4..20 mA, MODBUS). The central unit can also be equipped with a report printer. It also serves as an alarming overflow system, as well as a security system that controls, for example, a stop valve, port, unit or other device. All information regarding the operation of the central unit can be displayed on an alphanumeric LCD screen. A keyboard can be used to access this information. Collaborates with the main building automation systems, fire systems and serves as a security system. Depending on the program settings, the alarm triggers the activation of a light signal (light bulb) or an acoustic signaling (buzzer), or an alarm report. Depending on the program configuration, the alarm can also trigger 1 to 10 relays that allow control over other external devices. The alarm situation can also be signaled by a text message via a GSM module, or read through a web browser.

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