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Complete solutions for Vehicle and Asset GPS tracking, Fleet management, Integration with third-party software solutions as well as Consulting services for Transportation and Logistics solutions.

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BMS Tracking comprises highly trained professionals with extensive experience in IoT, Telematics, GPS vehicle and asset tracking, Fleet Management, Transportation and Logistics solutions. Our team members deeply understand business process development and IT solution implementation. For further expansion, in 2020 we established a strategic partnership with Navixy, a leading provider of professional GPS solutions for fleet tracking and management on the market since 2004.

  • Solution for every industry

    Navixy works perfectly regardless of the industry and fleet size and vertical market. Benefit from off-the-shelf solutions and custom tools.

  • Efficient fleet management

    Choose the package that suits your needs and increase your fleet productivity. Each software module contains a set of unique options for more efficient fleet management.

  • Powerful API and SDK

    Discover the most cutting-edge solutions for logistics, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, etc. Design value-added services with comprehensive and powerful API and SDK.

  • food

    Food and beverage

    Enable fastest, temperature-controlled deliveries. Provide automatic trip logging to calculate payroll, return the tax and prevent unauthorized use of the fleet.

  • retail

    Retail and delivery

    Information for fleet owners about the health of vehicles to service them before it leads to a breakdown. Adjust driver behaviour well to avoid accidents and damage to goods.

  • insurance


    Allowing insurance companies to benefit from low accident driving. Adopt an advanced driver assistance system to eliminate human error and hence collisions and costly repairs.

  • healtcare


    Locate the nearest ambulance and EMS team online. Track all vehicles and assets on a single map to provide necessary assistance with no time wasted.

  • service

    Services industry

    Vehicle utilization and work progress monitoring with real-time data and reports. Detect frauds, prevent fuel drains, equipment misuse and illegal operations.

  • banking


    Track armoured vehicles along the route. Increase security and safety of valuable assets and enable fast emergency response.


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