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Company founded in 2015 whose mission and goal is satisfaction of the business communities in the Republic of Macedonia and the surrounding countries in the field of legal metrology, transport of oil derivatives and / or gas, starting from the terminals for filling of tanks (truck and wagon), transport companies as well as the final beneficiaries of the derivative. Also, with its expertise, BMS contributed to increasing the safety of goods transported in various types of transport, including tankers, buses, trailers, vans, cars, etc. The experience of BMS members has been acquired over many years, facing all kinds of problems (defects, depreciation, administrative preparation, etc.) and working with many experts from the region, but also from all over Europe. The manner in which the BMS team applied before the very establishment enabled BMS to become an official partner and exclusive representative of the French company ALMA from the very beginning, and already for a long period of the Polish company Petroster Serwis.


Founded in 1980, ALMA is the leading French company in the field of equipment for measuring the flow of fuel during transport by tank, automated systems, legal metrological measurement and tanks loading stations. By linking the knowledge of Legal Metrology, measurement sensors, metrological engineering, automated and industrial data processing, ALMA offers expert answers to your projects. ALMA counts more than 240 direct employees and is spread across the whole planet with countless partners.
Petroster-Serwis It has been in the European market for twenty years, supporting customers with their vast experience and expertise to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of gas stations with liquid fuels, ie full supervision and automatic operation of all overground and underground reservoirs.
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